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Aline Campos does not rule out a return with Jesus Luz: “People love each other”


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It seems that or term of Aline Campos and jesus light I was not lack of love. The artists will reveal on the last day of January 14 that their relationship has ended after seven months together. No meanwhile, Atriz does not rule out a tour, já that they maintain a great friendship before even becoming a married couple.

Aline Campos and Jesus Luz.  Photo: Daniel Delmiro/AgNews

Aline Campos and Jesus Luz. Photo: Daniel Delmiro/AgNews

In the Amir Slama parade, organized in collaboration with the socialite Narcisa Tamborindeguy at Copabana Palace, in Rio de Janeiro, in which o yahoo I was present, Aline opened her heart about her current relationship with the model. “You are going to see Jesus in the same place several times, because people like the same things and people love each other. Regardless of how our relationship is now, people have a very big love a different hair. I want him to feel like The happiest person in the world, even if you don’t stay with me, and it’s reciprocal,” he began.

“People are talking and I can’t say that I’m never going to return, because people have feelings and connections. But I look at people who know that the best thing to do is that people are doing, giving time, breathing and working or that people need to relate to”, he completed.

In the sequence, he famously stressed the importance of olive oil for themselves to give themselves to another person, if a return of them or with new peers. “Regardless of whether I relate to him or with any other person. We understand and encourage people who need to heal a lot so that people can relate in a healthy way,” she declared.

Public press

Aline still revealed that she has been motivated to disclose the name, so that we do not propagate false information. “When people finished, even more there was that thing of: ‘it will be that I am going to return, I am not going’. So they knew and so that the news was not reported in an erroneous, distorted way, people preferred to express themselves and speak in order to do so. people,” he explained.

Finally, she reflected on the judgment of the public from the news. “When people talk to people, it’s like people lose the opportunity to change their minds. But leave it. Both of us and we are there for more than 13 years, people are used to it,” she concluded.


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