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Amanda reveals strategy in the Bate e Volta race


After being enshrined as the new BBB23 Leader, Aline talked to Amanda and Bruna in the bedroom. The singer revealed that she would not want them to go to Monstro and, consequently, to Xepa.

“Wow, it’s going to be really bad to see you at the Monster. We have to catch the Angel”, said Aline, remembering this Saturday’s Prova do Anjo.

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“You have no choice but to take the Angel. Come on, huh! If it’s numbers, we have Marvvila. She does very well. She has a very strong intuition”, recalling that Marvvila has already won three Bate e Volta competitions, involving numbers.

Aline Wirley also praised Amanda, but the sister told the strategy that made her save herself. “I had memorized the numbers that had come out on the tests”.

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Aline Wirley then highlighted: “We believe they are not listening. They’re going to mess everything up now.


In addition to the nomination on Paredão, immunity and the right to the reality presidential suite, the new BBB23 boss will be entitled to a veto in the next Leader’s Test, that is, Aline Wirley will be able to veto someone next week. This Saturday, April 1st, the Curinga Power, called “Real Power”, stayed with Sarah Aline.

This afternoon, the Prova do Anjo is still taking place to win the right to immunize a friend. They will compete in pairs and the winners will have to agree on who to give immunity to.

BBB23 new round

On Sunday, April 2nd, the BBB23 Top 10 form another Paredão. The dynamic starts off simple, but gets more complicated over the course of the votes. It all starts with the Wild Power, which will give its owner an immunity. It’s the dream power of the contestants since the season started.

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After that, the angel duo gives their immunity and the leader makes their nomination, with only seven options available. In house voting, each participant will need to vote for two different contestants. The two most voted go to the hot seat along with the leader’s nominee.

At that time, only four people will be left as a voting option. In a final move, each walled-in house will earn the right to immunize a teammate. With two more participants immune, those who are left will also go to Paredão.

Thus, four players will compete in the Bate-Volta Test (two most voted by the house and the ‘forgotten’ by immunities). One of them escapes and the other three, along with the one indicated by the Leader, form a Quadruple Wall.

Photo: Reproduction/Globoplay

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