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Batman Vs Iron Man Mark 85, Who is more powerful


People have been so excited to see the battle showdown between Iron Man and Batman for many years. In movies, we have not seen it till now. But there are so many theories and assumptions about their fight. Today, I am bringing my opinion on the battle between the two legends, One is Batman who literally was about to kill Superman, and one is Iron Man with his ultra suit Mark 85 which is capable of snapping infinity stones. Who will win the fight? Let’s see.

Batman vs Iron Man

1. Strength

Bruce Wayne is significantly stronger in comparison to a normal human being. He can lift the weight of more than 200-250 kgs from his bare hands, and with the suit, he has literally lifted up the weight of more than 400 kgs and can exert force up to 1.5 tons. But this feat is nothing in front of Tony Stark. His Hulkbuster armor is the strongest armor of his life. Strongest, not the most powerful. That armor can exert force up to 4000 tons. But his mark 85 suit can not exert 4000 tons of force but still, this armor can exert force up to 3700 tons, which is very high in comparison to Batman.


2. Durability

Batman’s armor is completely bulletproof and it can survive a mini bomb blast. But Iron Man Mark 85 was capable of standing in front of the powers of all 6 infinity stones, which snap can destroy the whole universe. So, yeah, Mark 85 is more than durable than our imaginations.


3. Endurance

Endurance means how long they can fight. No doubt Bruce Wayne is greater than a normal human being. He can easily fight for hours, but Mark 85 can fight until its battery does not shut down. Because It’s AI that can not tired.

4. Speed

Bruce Wayne can run with a speed of more than 40 kilometers per hour with his heavy suit, and his reflexes are very fast but not faster than Tony Stark’s suit. Iron Man can dodge Captain America’s attack so we can conclude that Iron Man is much faster than Batman. He can fly with a speed of more than 12000 kilometers per hour, or even more.

5. Fighting Style

So, this comes to a point where Bruce Wayne can defeat Tony Stark. Really. Iron Man no doubt knows all types of Fighting arts, as it can access throughout the world. Bruce Wayne also had learned more than 117 fighting arts. But what really matters is practice. Without any Superpowers, Bruce Wayne defeats his enemy due to his fighting style and preparation techniques, or we can say perfect planning and execution. So, Batman is on the upper edge in this comparison.

Iron Man

Who is the winner?

After seeing this comparison, it can be easily concluded that Iron Man will win this battle. But we are forgetting Batman’s most powerful weapon; his preparation. His preparation made Superman sit on him kneels. He literally defeats a man who can destroy the whole world in hours. But, what about Iron Man? All know the weaknesses of Superman which is the Kryptonian Stone. But is there any weakness of Iron Man? The answer is no. Tony Stark is a man who learns from his mistake and removes his mistakes. When Ant-man enters his suit, he created a nanotech suit so no one can enter his suit even an atom. He improves his suit day by day and now becomes so much power that he can even compete with gods.

What will happen if Bruce Wayne kidnaps Happy Hogan?

If Bruce Wayne kidnaps his friend, Happy Hogan because he can not kidnap his wife and his daughter, as his wife also has a powerful suit. Then what will happen? Iron Man is also very good at preparation. If he gets preparation time to kidnap Happy, then Tony also gets time to know that Batman can never kill anyone.


So, the final winner is Iron Man, very easily. Batman can give a tough competition to Iron Man if he gets preparation time. Batman’s main power is preparation. If he becomes friendly with Tony Stark and gets years to prepare. Then he will definitely find a solution to defeat Iron man like he defeats the whole Justice League. But they will never fight if they become friendly. Because Intelligent people do not always believe in the fight.