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BBB23: ‘It fell into a trap’, says Sapato’s mother


After the double expulsion of Shoe It is guime during the live on Thursday, March 17th, the reactions were immediate. One of the statements was made by the fighter’s mother, who ended up arguing and agreeing with a social media user who blamed Dania Mendez for the acts and accusations of sexual harassment, in addition to stating that the program would have set him up out of envy.

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In the comment, Sapato’s mother states:

“I couldn’t publish this! But, you got it right. Fell into a trap”.

She had already made a post in support of her son and said that she wanted to meet and hug him and even thanked the team of Amanda for the support:

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“Son! Raise your head because a mistake does not define who you are! The world needs more forgiveness, more love and less judgement! Hope to see you soon and be able to hug you. Your life path is beautiful. He always won the giants who presented themselves in his ways with smoothness! We can’t shut up those who judge you, but we still love you: Your fans, your friends and your family! I can’t stop thanking Amanda’s team for all their support.”


MC guime It is shoe face were expelled from BBB23 on the night of this Thursday, March 16, after a series of controversial scenes with Dania Mendez during the Leader’s party the night before. The fighter “stole” a kiss from the influencer and the funk singer rubbed his buttocks without her noticing. Thaddeus Schmidt announced the decision of the live program.

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Globo showed a long video with several scenes from the party the night before, in which it showed the aforementioned moments, which became controversial and ended up in the Civil Police of Rio de Janeiro. Then, the presenter went live in the house to announce the expulsion of the two from the reality show.

“We have a visitor in our house, a guest. But above all a woman. And like all women, she deserves absolute respect. We talked to Dania, thank you very much Dania for the clarifications!”, said the presenter, referring to the support that the sister received in the confessional.

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The presenter was also clear about the station’s position regarding the case. After making it clear that the decision had nothing to do with Dania’s posture, which exempted either of them from the blame, Tadeu confirmed:

“We don’t like what we saw yesterday. Sapato and Quimê missed the point. You have to be careful with the limits. Here and out of here. For going against the rules of the program. Guimê and Sapato are expelled. Please say goodbye to your colleagues and go to the confessional. Your belongings will be handed over to you shortly.”

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In despair, the other participants burst into tears. Dania, the main person involved in the situation, felt guilty for everything that happened. In fact, she got very close to the participants and even claimed that none of them did anything that made her uncomfortable. As always, Guimê had a more skeptical attitude towards the situation and called his brother to leave the game soon and “find out what was going on”.


After exchanging a lot of ideas with the sister during her Leader’s Party, MC guime crossed the line and got too excited about the Mexican. The ostentatious funk singer caressed the back of the Mexican visitor, making her visibly uncomfortable with the situation.

The two talked to shoe face It is Domitila until the cameras captured the movement of the artist’s sneaky hands on the gringa’s back.

Dania took his hands away and Guimê gave the influencer a hug. At another point in the night, the cameras caught the funk artist with his hands on the Mexican’s butt.

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