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BBB23: Tadeu Schmidt excites Fred Nicácio with farewell


Fred Nicácio left BBB23 on the night of Tuesday, February 28, with 62.94% of the votes. He left with a high-spirited farewell to the residents of the house, hugs, tears and even a sing-along of “Dona de Mim” by IZA. Still, the emotion was stronger when he met Tadeu Schmidt.

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When the presenter asked how he felt, the doctor said he felt “overjoyed”. He also justified his departure as a lack of sensitivity and a dexterity in reading the game.

“I’m very happy. I’m radiant! I think that, at some point, we lose some of that sensitivity, that ability to read everyone at the same time. At some point I stopped reading people correctly. You can’t have parameters without being there. You can’t get a sense of what’s going on.”

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In response, he left a message for his ex-brother, paraphrasing the classic phrase “you have the blood of Maria Bonita”, said by the carioca in the first week of the reality show.

“You have the blood of Juliano Moreira. You have the blood of Maria Odília Teixeira. You have Karamo Brown blood. And we can only thank you for your participation in BBB23”, he said, leaving the participant with tears in his eyes.

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The Prize of BBB23 went up on the night of this Tuesday, February 28th. Stone, sponsor of the award, put another R$40,000 in the participants’ piggy bank. In addition, as usual, three participants had the opportunity to bet on a supposed eliminated, to add even more to the final value of the game. For the second Paredão in a row, nobody got it right.

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the leader Bruna drew three names to place the bets. shoe face It is Cezar Black were targets of the bets, while Fred Nicacio went unnoticed. The attempts failed due to the confidence that the participants themselves had in the strength of the doctor.

Sarah Aline bet on the elimination of Cara de Sapato
Domitila also bet on the departure of Cara de Sapato
Fred Desimpedidos said that Cezar Black

At the end of the day, the total prize amount only rose from R$1,910 to R$1,950 million.

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The seventh Paredão of the BBB23 was disputed between shoe face It is Fred Nicacio. Cezar Black was also in the hot seat, but became an extra – and Tadeu Schmidt himself told the nurse about this. The duel of the titans made Brazil tire its fingers to vote and eliminate one of the brothers.

With 62.94% of the votes, the doctor was chosen by the public to leave the reality show. The previews and polls predicted a more balanced dispute, a near tie, in fact. After all, shoe face received 36.23% and cezar black was left with only 0.83% in this 7th wall.

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