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BBB23: Wall full of rookies causes turmoil. See summary!


Cezar Black It is Domitila Barros it was the BBB23 participants who went to Paredãos the most so far. And that ranking shouldn’t change until the final. Hardened from the hot seat, for them, somehow, the rite of facing the public is already a familiar tension. On the other hand, many have not even had the experience. Until now.

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For the first time, Aline Wirley It is Bruna Griphao will compete for the Paredão. Gabriel Santana, which is also in the hot seat, the second. A feat for any edition of the BBB. Indeed, Bruna already broke the record Viih Tube for going so long without being voted.

The ‘good vibes’ and the good times are over. Now, the three compete for public preference and it remains to be seen who stays. Until Tuesday, March 28th, the promise is very nervous for the three of them. And it has already started. Right after the live show, a series of rude hints, DRs and exchanging barbs dominated the house during the early hours.

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Being a BBB23 Leader has its bonuses, but also its downsides. Sarah Aline took the crown for the second time this season and once again will send someone straight to Paredão. His first choice was always Bruna Griphao. in conversation with Gabriel Santanathe sister explained why.

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According to the woman from São Paulo, the carioca should not go to Paredão anytime soon, her argument only became even stronger after learning that the actress never received a vote from the house.

“My vote today is not with you. I will vote alone. I cannot, out of nowhere, just because you brought me information, change my vote, which I have been changing all week, because I think it will make sense, not only for my game, but for what we want”, he pondered.

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Sarah he also said that the only chance for the sister to go to the spotlight is a nomination by the Leader herself.

“We know that if no one puts Bruna as a leader, she won’t go to Paredão so soon. She won’t!” he mused. Gabriel he even tried to counter-argue, without success. The psychologist’s final word in the conversation was this.


The eleventh wall of the BBB23 it is formed. Aline, Bruna and Gabriel compete for public preference. It all started with the naming of the angel, Ricardo. The brother tried to give the necklace to Domitila, but it didn’t happen. He became autoimmune and cannot be voted by anyone.

Bruna Griphao was nominated by the leader, Sarah; Amanda took more votes from the house, but escaped in the Prova Bate-Volta; Gabriel indicated by Poder Joringa, which the doctor bought on Friday; and Aline stopped in the spotlight for “Contragolpe”, the right of Mosca’s interpreter in “Chiquititas”.

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The speech of most participants throughout their votes and nominations was the uniqueness of rivals in the hot seat. And so it was. Aline and Bruna debuted in the hot seat, Amanda returned to Paredão after six weeks of play. Gabriel made his debut last week, but Tadeu made it clear to everyone that it was really as if he wasn’t even in the running, as he was an ‘extra’ in the dynamic.

Sarah’s nomination in the actress translated this:

“When we look in such a small room. Today I will direct Bruna to Paredão. We have a very good relationship, but I understand that she also needs to live this experience, to know how the public reacts to this Paredão”

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Larissa voted for Marvvila
Fred voted for Amanda
Aline voted for Marvvila
Domitila voted for Amanda
Bruna voted for Marvvila
Gabriel voted for Amanda
Cezar Black voted for Aline
Marvvila voted for Amanda
Ricardo voted for Amanda

Aline, Ricardo, Domitila and Cezar Black had to reveal their votes to the whole house.


The one who did well in the Bate-Volta Test was Amanda. The dynamic did not generate any tension in the audience. Actor and doctor went to the final right away. It wasn’t a very exciting match, as usual.

Aline, Bruna and Gabriel at Paredão
Photo: Globe



The 11th BBB23 Wall is formed. After three weeks in a row, Domitila is not among the nominees to compete for the public’s preference. One for the sister, who has already spent more than half of the season in front of the public’s scrutiny. She celebrated the fact, but did not like her confinement colleagues.


Right after the live show, the sister got up and celebrated, celebrating the quietest week in the house in a month and a half of reality. However, talking about her did not please.

As they left the room, Aline, Bruna and Amanda started shouting at the woman from Pernambuco. The former Rouge said “Enjoy it. So enjoy!”. The actress went further: “Enjoy it, because you’re going to the next one!”. Angry at the nominations, they didn’t mince words, nor did they consider their rival’s relief. All this is understandable for a game full of emotions, of course.

It is worth noting, however, that Aline and Bruna compete for their first Paredão on the reality show, while Domitila has already returned from five – half of all that have happened so far. So, indeed, Miss Germany has a lot to celebrate. Not from the point of view of cariocas.

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See the scene:

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Amanda was the most voted in the house to go to Paredão this week at BBB23. She escaped in the Prova Bate-Volta and is free from the popular vote. Still, hearing that she received the most nominations from peers hurt. The doctor did not hide her embarrassment.


Right after the live show ended, the sister stomped out of the room, straight to the Desert Room along with her friends. There, she did not hide her revolt. Mainly, because she came to defend her brother in a few weeks of the game. She also did not expect the biomedical indication. Look:


Ricardo Alface experienced an embarrassing situation during the Paredão vote on the night of this Sunday, March 26. The brother voted for one of his greatest allies at the beginning of the game, Amanda. The vote was revealed in the room and Amanda, his target, didn’t like what she heard from her ex-partner.

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After noticing her sister’s revolt and trying to talk to her, Sarah approached her brother and the two talked about it. For her, the doctor created expectations about the alliance with her brother and felt betrayed. The paulista also highlighted that, yes, Ricardo never committed, but there was, albeit unconsciously, an exchange between them.

“When she arrives and says ‘I don’t vote for you’, it’s because her expectation is that there will be this return. But, one thing we are learning here is that, in this game, expectations don’t say anything”, she said.

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Then, Sarah gave an example of what she herself experienced in the house: “I also had the expectation that Fredinho would not put me on Paredão, that’s why it hurt me so much.

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