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Becky G celebrates the first year of “Mami” and reveals if Karol G dedicated the song to Anuel | celebrities | United States | Mexico | nndamr | PEOPLE


Believe it or not, a year has passed since the release of the song “MAMIII” by Becky G and Carol G., and continues to be one of the most played tracks on streaming platforms. The singer of Mexican-American origin did not want to miss her anniversary date and she thanked her fans for the great reception of her. But it was not the only thing she commented on it.

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Becky Gwho is in the Dominican Republic recording a new video clip, spoke about the rumors that are said in the media about whether it is true that Karol G composed the song thinking about his ex-partnerAnuel.

“It is not my place to talk about other people’s lives. ‘Mami’ was written to be sung alone, but our fans expected a collaboration between the two (Karol G and her). Although the public and the press wanted to compare and say that the song was made for Anuel, it was not like that, but it is normal for many to reason that way’”, the singer of Mexican roots specified to the Dominican Republic press.

Although it is true on YouTube there is a of the song, none of the performers appears there and this raises suspicions that perhaps one of the two did not agree to appear in the audiovisual material.

What is known is that the song “Mami” has more than 1.1 billion views and continues to position itself as one of the most listened to songs on Spotify.

First anniversary of “MAMIII”

Through his official Instagram account, Becky G He thanked his fans for their support in this first year and praised Karol G, with whom he maintains a friendship offstage.

“Thank you to everyone who yelled this anthem with us and made this song go so far, thanks also to the bichotaaaaa Karol G. How special it is to be able to share this with you and our fans. I love you very much!!! Who is very Mommy today??!”, wrote.

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