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Bruno makes a proposal to Regino


In “O Rei do Gado“, a soap opera that is being rerun by Rede Globo, Bruno (Antonio Fagundes) has plans to make a farm for Luana (Patricia Pillar).

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In the chapter of Wednesday, March 1st, the boy makes a proposal to Regino (Jackson Antunes) help with the work and offers a credit that no bank would grant. However, the “landless” is in doubt about whether or not to accept the proposal.


Bruno tells Luana that he wants to form a farm for her and that he is going to invite Regino and Jacira to make them a proposal. Bruno asks Mauriti to locate Regino. Jacira tells Regino that she is fed up with this life. Mauriti locates Regino. Ralf moves into Léia’s apartment. Suzane rents Ralf’s apartment. Mauriti tells Regino and Jacira that she went to get them. Valdir tells Geremias that he only found Judite’s fingerprints on the gun’s case, but he still intends to investigate further. Rafaela and Otávio decide to get married in order not to lose their fortune. Bruno talks about insurance with Marcos. Regino and other landless people arrive at Bruno’s house, who proposes that they work with beef cattle. Rafaela and Otávio tell Geremias that they agree with the conditions he imposes and that they are willing to get married. Marcos thinks about Rafaela. Geremias asks Rafaela for one grandchild a year. Liliana tells Rosa that she doesn’t believe the senator actually intends to abandon his political career. Chiquita declares herself to the senator. Bruno ‘offends’ the landless. Julia echoes dinner. Bruno proposes a loan to Regino that no bank would grant. Luana and Jacira excited by the men’s prose. Mezenga tells Regino that she will give him a piece of land if he helps him set up Luana’s farm, but explains that only a few landless people will be able to participate in the undertaking. Jacira tells Regino that she will leave him if he doesn’t accept the proposal.

“O Rei do Gado” is a Brazilian telenovela produced by TV Globo. It aired from June 17, 1996 to February 14, 1997, replacing “The End of the World”. It was written by Benedito Ruy Barbosa, with the collaboration of Edmara Barbosa and Edilene Barbosa, with general direction by Luiz Fernando Carvalho. It had the participation of Antônio Fagundes, Patrícia Pillar, Raul Cortez, Glória Pires, Fábio Assunção, Silvia Pfeifer, Carlos Vereza and Stênio Garcia.


Thursday, March 2nd

Jacira convinces Regino and he accepts Bruno’s proposal. Otávio and Rafaela ask Geremias when the wedding will be. Léia receives a silent call and wonders who she is. After talking to the landless, Regino gives up accepting Mezenga’s proposal. Marcos tells Lia that the proposal for Regino will make the employees jealous. Mauriti tells Bruno that he also wants to be part of the scheme. Donana is sad that Tavinho doesn’t like her. Rafaela and Otávio return from the registry office after taking care of the paperwork for the wedding. Rafaela thinks that if Marcos really loves her, she will understand her decision. Marcos calls Rafaela but she treats him coldly. The phone rings again and Geremias answers. Relieved, Rafaela realizes that the interlocutor is Geremias’ insurance broker. Marcos tells Lia that Rafaela wouldn’t trade him for her uncle’s inheritance. Bruno is interviewed on the radio and talks about his time in the woods. Luana tells Bruno that Regino gave up working with him. Jacira leaves Regino. Bruno tells the senator that the landless did not accept his proposal. Teacher tries to convince Jacira not to leave Regino. Regino decides to invade a farm. Liliana tells Marcos that Rafaela is getting married. Marcos leaves in a hurry for Guaxupé. Geremias celebrates Rafaela and Otávio’s engagement. Marcos gives up on going and calls to get satisfaction from Otávio and Marieta.

Friday, March 3rd

Rafaela tells Marcos that her name is now Marieta and that everything is over between them. Luana thanks Bruno for trying to help Regino. He says she needs to get the documents out. Jacira and Regino make peace. Rosa doubts that Roberto is not involved with Chiquita. Julia and Dimas gossip about Luana and Bruno catches them. Léia tells Ralf that her divorce will come out the following week. Suzane tells Orestes that she loves Ralf and her husband implies that she could kill him. Aparício goes to the mansion and Marcos, still hurt, implies that the guitar player is being bought. Apparition leaves irritated. Lia goes to Aparício’s house, but does not find him. Bruno and Luana go to the registry office where she was registered. Rafaela shows the fabric of the wedding dress to Judite. Bruno tells Marcos that Luana is really the real Marieta Berdinazzi. Zé Bento and Aparício sing and get drunk in a bar. Aparício arrives home drunk and sends Lia away. Donana tells Zé that she is thinking of asking Bruno to take Favinho away. Donana discovers that Favinho is an Indian and is intrigued.

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