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Fan stripes tattoo of MC Guimê and honors Lexa. Look!


After the expulsion of MC Guimê from BBB23, which took place last Thursday, March 16, some of the singer’s fans started to stop rooting for him. And this Saturday, March 18, a fan posted images of a tattoo she did a while ago, in honor of Guimê. But he went to a studio to draw the drawing.

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With red ink, she asked the tattoo artist to make an “X” over the singer’s name and, underneath, paid her tribute to Lexa, with the tattoo “#Força Lexa”.

In the text, talking about what happened, the girl says:

“A hard-working warrior woman conquered her space without needing anyone and today she is going through a delicate moment like this, as she is always destroyed by a man without character and who did not have an iota of consideration for her after 10 years of relationship, he preferred to play all up in a matter of hours from the simple act of drinking too much, and as I think drinking just reveals a person’s character. I was once a fan, I even admired both his work and the relationship but after that he completely lost my respect and admiration. I always put myself in women’s shoes and I would never ever accept that.”

Fan stripes Guimê tattoo
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Guimê officially apologized after his elimination from BBB23. In a video published on social networks, he spoke about the positioning of Globo’s reality show, asked Dania Mendez and Bruna for forgiveness, in addition to explaining a little of what could happen in the relationship with Lexa.

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At first, the funk artist said he was sorry for the attitude, hurt for having crossed the line and also gave reason to the production of the program for what happened.

“I believe that, with our mistakes, we can learn, we can evolve. And I’m up for it. Reviewing all my attitudes. Big Brother was a big dream for me and I am very sad about everything that happened, but I completely understand the program’s decision, ”he said.

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Guimê also apologized to the women inside and outside the house who were offended by the situation. He included families in the positioning.

“I’m here to apologize. I’m really sorry about what happened on the show. I sincerely apologize to Dania, Lexa, Bruna and all the women who somehow felt offended. That was never my intention.”

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In addition, he spoke of his relationship with Lexa. He stated that he has already seen his wife’s effort to keep him within the reality, apologized and said that he hopes for the singer’s forgiveness.

“Now is a very delicate moment for me and for Lexa, who I know is suffering a lot from this. I love her very much and I am also very hurt that I have hurt her, hurt her. She never deserved this, supported me. From the inside, I already imagined this, but when I left the house, I had the opportunity to see everything she did for me, while I was inside.”

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Finally, he said that he continues with faith, he asked the public for forgiveness once again:

“All this that happened is making me very sick, but I have faith and I will try to renew my strength and I will always look for a better tomorrow than today, better than yesterday. I’m here to ask, from the heart, my sincere forgiveness to all of you, who in a way, felt offended. I hope Lexa forgives me. We had a conversation and now it’s time. I hope you forgive me too. God bless today and always!”

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