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Fred Nicácio leaves the Leader’s Test with twelve hours of dispute


Fred Nicácio was the seventh eliminated from the BBB23 Resistance Leader Test, which has already reached 12 hours of dispute. Now, the dispute is between Aline Wirley, Cezar Black and Ricardo Alface, who remain firm.

The doctor left the dispute feeling a lot of pain, so much so that he had some difficulty walking and lay down on the couch as soon as he arrived at the house. During the last few hours, Nicácio had already asked for strength in prayers so that he could stay in the game.

In dynamics, the brothers need to press a button all the time, while the platform they are on rotates in different directions. Also, they needed to walk all the time.


The first to leave the dynamic was Marvvila, with just 14 minutes, after an error. And if we are talking about mistakes, Amanda left shortly after, being the second eliminated, when she forgot to press the button with the timer reset.

From then on, the pain began to get stronger and Larissa left the dispute after 5 hours of the race with pain in her feet.

With eight hours of dispute, Domitila Barros and Sarah Aline claimed to feel a lot of pain and could not resist. Bruna Griphao also left for the same reason, but with an 11-hour endurance test.

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