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House of Dragon Season 1 Every Dragon Photo Gallery


There are many different types of dragons that can be found in the House of Dragons. Each dragon has its own unique appearance, and each one is just as dangerous as the last. Here, you will find a gallery of some of the most deadly dragons in the House of Dragons. Including Syrax, Caraxes, Seasmoke, Dreamfyre, Vhagar, Meleys, Arrax, Vermax, Sunfyre, Vhagar

Caraxes This dragon is covered in red scales, and it breathes fire. It is one of the most dangerous dragons in the House of Dragons, and it is not to be trifled with. Caraxes was about half the size of the huge Vhagar. Daemon used Caraxes during the War for the Stepstones With Princess Rhaenyra, and her dragon Syrax.


She-dragon Vhagar belonged to House Targaryen. During Aegon the Conqueror’s conquest, she was ridden by Queen Visenya Targaryen alongside Balerion and Meraxes, the mounts of their sister Rhaenys. Prince Baelon Targaryen, Lady Laena Velaryon, and Prince Aemond Targaryen are other Vhagar riders that are well-known.

Sunfyre possessed delicate pink wing membranes and sparkling gold scales that sparkled like beaten gold in the sunshine. His flames were also golden. Sunfyre was the most exquisite dragon ever seen, in the opinion of Archmaester Gyldayn.

Every Dragon Photo Gallery in House of Dragon Season 1 4k Image And Video

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