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Laura Pausini releases single ‘Un buon inizio’


Laura Pausini released “Un buon inizio” / “Un buen inicio”. The new single had already been previewed for fans who attended the three special #LAURA30 performances, which took place in New York, Madrid and Milan. The extraordinary marathon of concerts celebrated the 30-year career of the most listened-to Italian singer and gave fans a taste of what was to come. “Un buon inizio”/“Un buen inicio” is now available on music platforms through Atlantic Warner.

“The new single is called ‘Un buon inizio’ and it’s a portrait of everything that brought me to this moment. I wanted to give a preview of the song to those who came to party with me in New York, Madrid and Milan, because I wanted it to be our good start, not just mine. It’s true that I celebrated 30 years of career, but it’s also true that, after February 27th, a new path began for me. Like many of us in these years that we’ve been idle, I’ve had a lot of time to think, questioning myself about my past and possible future. Although I had incredible experiences like the Oscar, the Golden Globe, the Eurovision and the movie “Laura Pausini – Pleasure to meet you”, I must admit that I felt lost several times, perhaps influenced by people around me who made me realize that believed in me more. It took me more than two years to find the courage to stop hearing those words that ‘like bombs, they left scars’. The same scars I need today to fly, to go and see what’s next, even though I’ve lived so long, I don’t want to stay in the past. I want to prove to myself and to those who judge me that life has taught me to fight for the things I believe in. And I believe this is a really good start,” he said.

“Un buon inizio / Un buen inicio”, is an Atlantic Warner release, was produced by Simon Says and Paolo Carta and written by Riccardo Zanotti (Pinguini Tattici Nucleari), Giorgio Pesenti, Marco Paganelli and Laura Pausini. The track brings Pausini’s well-known sound with 2023 firmly engraved in the sound, talking about a restart and how to put your soul into it without being discouraged.

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