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Letícia Cazarré talks about Maria Guilhermina’s new hospitalization –


Letícia Cazarré vented in her Instagram Stories. Juliano Cazarré’s wife stated that she hoped that Maria Guilhermina’s hospitalization would not take so long.

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“And what seemed like a quick hospital stay for simple procedures turns into a stay with blood samples, electroencephalograms, intercurrences, seizures, visits to the operating room, deep access, venous antibiotics.”

Post by Letícia Cazarré about the hospitalization of Maria Guilhermina
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Letícia Cazarréactor’s wife Juliano Cazarreagain asked for prayers on behalf of her daughter Maria Guilhermina. On the afternoon of Thursday, March 16, the child was hospitalized to undergo two procedures: changing the tracheostomy tube and receiving a button on the belly that frees it from the gastrostomy tube. It was expected that she would return home on the same day, which did not happen.

Read+: Juliano Cazarré’s daughter returns to the hospital by ambulance; actor asks for prayer

“Friends, it is time for Maria Guilhermina to make Brazil pray again. We did the procedures, everything went well, but, as always, she felt a little, and we’re going to stay in the hospital until she gets better. God willing, we’ll go home tomorrow. I count on the prayers of all of you”, asked the journalist, in a text attached to the photo of the girl on a hospital bed.

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On Friday, March 17, Letícia returned to the networks saying that her daughter will need to stay in the hospital for a few more days. “Stable, undergoing tests, antibiotics and hydration in the vein and needing to stay here for a few more days to recover. Thanks for the prayers guys! Lots of people praying the rosary and asking São José for her discharge”.

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