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Loki -All powers explained, Why all gods are afraid of Loki?


The God of Mischief -Loki is a very powerful and mainly mysterious character in the History of Marvel. Why even all Gods are afraid of him? What are all powers and abilities of Loki? Why Loki is so mysterious?

Powers and Abilities of Loki

Why Loki is God of Mischief. So, here is the answer. I divided Loki’s all powers into different categories. So, let’s begin with his strength. Yah! strength…


1. Strenght

Loki is one of the strongest villains in MCU. No doubt that Thor is the strongest or 2nd strongest superhero in the movies. Loki can fight a hand-to-hand battle with thor easily. And, can give competition in front of Thor. However, Thor became more after Thor: Ragnarok. But, we can see him fight against Thor in Thor 1 and The Avengers. Where he matches even Thor in the term of Strenght.

Not only Giving equal competition but also he overpowered Captain America in a hand-to-hand Battle in The Avengers. Where his every hit disturbs the captain. But the shocking one is that a strong punch of Captain America not even vibrated Loki. This shows Loki’s great strength and enhanced durability.

If you want to know the strength level of Captain America then see this video. Where he beautifully expressed the strength level of Captain America.

From this video and other sources, it is clear that Captain America can lift more than 13 tons of weight and generate force up to 2800 tons. So, if the captain punched Loki with his 1/3the part of the strength in The Avengers. Then, it will be approx 1000 tons. So Loki must have 5 times more than this to stand there. And, Loki had not moved even. From all sources, it’s concluded that Loki has a strength of more than 33,000 tons. Yah! 33,000 tons. It’s literally heart-shocking.


2. Superhuman Endurance

In MCU, Loki is bullet-proof. While fighting against the Captain, a strong punch of the captain does not hurt him. We can compare it to normal humans. If a person punches you on your stomach then it has great pain. Sometimes, it becomes dangerous. But, here Loki has no response on that punch. I have many times examples of this fight. If you want to see or enjoy this fight then you can see the given video.

Thor VS Loki in Thor 1 |Loki ell from Bifrost

Not only fighting with Captain America but also he survives when he fell from the Bifrost. In this fight, he easily stands out against thor instead of beating Thor. Also, he survives the stab of Kurse in Thor 2. In Thor: Ragnarok, he easily bore the obedience disk. This disk can kill many gods. The arrow bomb of Hawkeye also did not hurt him. That shows the endurance level of Loki.

3. Fast Reflexes

While fighting with Thor and Captain America, he easily dodged their moves. Instead, They are the best fighters of MCU with their great reflexes. Loki is giving them tough competition in reflexes and hand-to-hand Battles, which shows his great speed. Loki has a mastery is speed reflexes. Also, he is one of the greatest fighters in MCU.

4. Illusions- most amazing powers of Loki

Loki can create illusions. His illusions are stand at a great level. Even thor, who live with Loki from birth, was not able to phase his illusions. Loki is known for his illusions. Without illusion, it is harder to say him as Loki. He has a lot of illusions.


He has a great ability of Shape-Shifting. He can take anyone’s shape. Yah! Anyone. You, Me, Thor, even Odin, and Loki also. I’m sorry. Loki can take his shape. Sorry, he is Loki. He doesn’t need to take his shape. He is Loki. The person is Loki.

Multiple projections

Apart from this, he can also create other illusions. He can create a lot of fake projections of anyone. While fighting with Thor, he confused Thor many times by his multiple projection and shapeshifting ability.

His illutions can confused Odin also…

This is the most important reason that many gods are afraid of Loki. Even Odin who is also known as God of War and Dead is confused by his illusions. In Thor 2 and Thor 3, Loki makes an illusion of his death and started ruling in Asgard. Even he sent Odin into the Earth and he didn’t realize that it was just an illusion. I mean what the f.. was going on! Odin, who is also known for his great spells and can change reality, can understand that this was just an illusion. Anyway, this illusion was not just an illusion. Seriously, it was the masterpiece of Loki. Not only he can do this illusion, but he can also make his death an illusion.

Death illusions of Loki

  1. In Thor 1, he fell from the Bifrost and everyone thought that he was died. But, he returned in ‘The Avengers’.
  2. In Thor 2, he made a death illusion while fighting with Kurse. In the ending of the film, it was shocking to see Loki ruling in Asgard and all in the planet think him as Odin. Seriously, what can this dude do? Even Odin doest not know this. In Thor 3, even Odin appolize him.

But his all illusions are useless in front of magicians like Dr. Strange, Ancient One, -etc. These are some great powers of Loki. It does not end now. Still, some powers of Loki are remaining like, teleporting, telekinesis, healing factor, astral projections, -etc. He can also do a lot of spells.

Why all gods are afraid of Loki?

Gods like Odin can’t understand his magic and illusion. Firstly, I will explain how strong is Odin. Odin, who is known as God of War or God of Death is the 2nd most powerful character in MCU and the 21st most powerful character on counting all forms in the Marvel comics. Odin is the greatest warrior in the history of Asgards. He was also a great magician. He has a lot of powerful spells. These spells can affect the whole planet or universe. As we see in Thor 1 how he made Thor a normal human, sent him into the earth, and enchanted Thor’s weapon Mjolnir that any worthy person can lift this Mjolnir. If Thor has not become worthy, then he is also not able to vibrate even the Mjolner. This level of Magics, Odin has.

Instead of that magics, Odin was not able to find out Loki’s illusions and get out from this. So, he praised Loki for his great illusions and magic. If the greatest gods like Odin can’t understand his illusions, then other gods can’t phase the powers of magic. Even Thor always became a fool in front of Loki’s illusions. When he stole the tesseract cube in Thor: Ragnarok, anyone did not know that Loki has a such powerful thing that can destroy a planet. Thor also comes under the strongest gods. If he was not able to defeat Loki easily, if he took a struggle to defeat him, then the normal good can’t stand against him.

So, this is the reason why all gods or most of the gods are afraid of him.


Loki has a lot of powers and abilities. He is a very mysterious character. Loki can do a lot of speels, telekinesis, teleportation, and most important he can create illusions, which can even confuse Odin. He has also superhuman strength, Superhuman endurance, Superfast reflexes, healing factor and he is an expert fighter. Loki is also known as the God of Mischief. Because it is difficult to find out that here Loki is a hero or a villain. Due to all these abilities, even God’s living Beings are afraid of him.

Thanks for reading our article. I hope that now you are clear with the all powers and abilities of Loki. And, you are clear that why Gods are afraid of Loki.

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