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Lucas Lucco teams up with Hungary for the track Projeto 777


Celebrating the success of its latest release, “De Zero a Dez”, which has over 1.4 million streams on YouTube alone, Lucas Lucco prepares to make another song from the “777” project available on audio platforms. The artist joins the rapper Hungary in “Eu Nunca Segui” to show his talent in Trap, which is also a huge passion. The new song promises success for lovers of both genres and can be heard on Friday, February 17th, on audio platforms, while the music video is available from noon on the same day.

Composed by Hungary himself in partnership with Theo Rodrigues, Bonnyek and Antonini, the song tells a little about the story of a man in love who says he has found his wife. In the lyrics she says: “I was never one to take problems to my house, but this one I take every morning”.

“I am very happy with the results and achievements that the project is achieving”, said Lucas. “I always liked Trap a lot, and that’s why I decided to ask my partner and friend, Hungary, to sing with me, who was also one of the composers of the song. And the result couldn’t be any different, the mix with the sertanejo was too good”, he added.

Recorded last year in Goiânia/GO, the album has the musical production of Willi Baldo and Lourival Marques and the general direction was on account of Rafael Terra. The project already has 7 tracks released that add up to a total of almost 14 million views on Youtube. Tracks such as “Vou Virar Peão” in partnership with DJ Chris on Beat, has already surpassed 5.2 million views and “To Aprendindo a Ser Solteiro” more than 3.8 million.

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