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Mariana Goldfarb reveals if she uses marijuana, after controversial video. Understand!


Mariana Goldfarb shared a video on the morning of Wednesday, February 8, in which she appears walking her dog, however, one detail caught the attention of followers: the model was wearing a sock printed with marijuana leaves.

The repercussion due to the piece of clothing was so great that Cauã Reymond’s wife had to appear in Stories and explain whether she is a user of the plant.

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“Everyone is asking me if I’m a pothead because of my sock, if I smoke weed. I don’t smoke weed, but I’m a big fan of what CBD can do for people,” she began, talking about cannabidiol, a substance found in cannabis.

The presenter then defended the use of cannabidiol, a substance found in cannabis, for medicinal purposes: “I think it has helped a lot of people, especially those who have neurological disease, pain, anxiety. There are several very cool studies. I would recommend you to check it out.”

Mariana reinforced that she was not talking about the use of marijuana cigarettes, and that the follow-up of a doctor is essential. “From a professional in the area who understands, because nobody here is self-taught, nobody here can prescribe anything. But, like, CBD has done some really cool things for people. I’m not talking about recreational use of the plant, I’m talking about medicinal use, it’s quite different, ”she concluded.

mariana goldfarb marijuana sock

Mariana Goldfarb shared this Friday, February 3rd, a very sweet record alongside Sofia Marquesdaughter of her husband Cauã Reymond.

The two appear wet and in bathing suits after enjoying a delightful day at the beach together, and Mariana was unable to hide her happiness.

“Remember those thermometers we used in our mouths when we were little? Remember their fall to the ground?”, she started writing in the caption.

“So, I think love when it appears is very similar to the physical form of mercury in the world. When the glass of the thermometer breaks, the chemical element spreads and then it is dividing throughout the halls of all the parties. Mercury multiplying. I think this must be one of the five thousand possible explanations for love“, he concluded.

In the comments, Grazi Massafera, mother of little Sofia, left a red heart, declaring all her love for this beautiful duo!

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