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New version of the statement reinforces the victim’s account –


[ALERTA: Este texto aborda assuntos delicados como abuso sexual e violência, podendo ser gatilho para muitas pessoas. Indicamos que se você ou algum familiar estejam enfrentando problemas como estes é de extrema importância que você procure a polícia, discando 190 ou procurando a DDM – Delegacia da Mulher.]

Again the case of the player Daniel Alves took on a sad and tense turn. During the afternoon of this Wednesday, February 8, the Colombian newspaper El Tiempo published information that the Brazilian player changed the version of his testimony, for the third time, making the whole situation that involves him much more complicated.

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Daniel has been arrested since January 20 on charges of rape and assault against a woman in Barcelona and has admitted that there was vaginal penetration, which he denied the last few times he gave a statement to the police. The investigation revolves around reaching a definitive conclusion as to whether the act was consensual or not.


Early this Friday, January 20th, Daniel Alves was arrested in Spain after testifying on an accusation of sexual harassment. The right-back went to the police station and left with a car soon after.

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El País has learned that the athlete will be taken to the City of Justice, in Barcelona, ​​where a judge will decide on his provisional status while the case is investigated.

The case allegedly took place on December 30 last year at the Sutton nightclub and the alleged victim denounced the player two days later. The woman alleged that Daniel Alves touched her under her underwear without her consent.

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Currently, Daniel Alves plays for Pumas, from Mexico, and according to El País, the team is unaware of the athlete’s current situation, as they were counting on him for this weekend’s game.


In an interview with Spanish TV, Daniel Alves was keen to deny the accusations. The athlete confirmed that he was at the disco, but that he does not know the alleged victim.

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“I was there, in that place, with more people enjoying themselves without invading other people’s space. I’m sorry, but I don’t know who this lady is. In these years I have never invaded anyone’s space without authorization,” he said.



According to the newspaper El Mundo, the Mossos d’Esquadra, the Catalan police, collected semen remains in the bathroom where Daniel Alves allegedly committed the sexual assault against a young Spanish woman. In her report to the agents shortly after being raped, the victim claimed to have seen a white spot at the scene, and the material was collected. According to the publication, the Catalan police preserved the remains of semen, and the Juizado de Instrução 15, responsible for the investigation, could order a DNA collection from Daniel Alves for comparison. The player could also hand it over voluntarily.

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The newspaper says that the medical examinations carried out by the victim after the abuse registered few biological traces and would not be sufficient for comparison. The police are also in possession of the clothes that the young woman was wearing at the time she reported the assault, to point out possible signs.

The victim said in her statement that, on December 30, 2022, she was at the Sutton nightclub, in Barcelona, ​​when the group she was part of received an invitation to enter a VIP area. A waiter took them to a table where Daniel Alves was, whom the victim initially did not recognize. A group of Mexicans, friends of the player, introduced him to the whistleblower. Still according to the victim, she and Daniel Alves danced together until the player “took her hand several times to his penis, which she withdrew in fright”. Around 4:30 am, he asked her to follow him to the door. As soon as they entered, she realized she was in a bathroom. There, the attack would have taken place. Always according to the denouncer’s testimony, she would have tried to leave the bathroom, but was prevented. Daniel Alves would have penetrated her violently until he ejaculated. He would have been the first to leave the bathroom. When she got out, she told a friend what happened. When local security was informed, the side had already left the club. The victim immediately went for tests at a hospital. Two days later, she filed a report with the police.


In an interview with UOL, Ester Garcia López, the 23-year-old woman’s lawyer, said that I don’t want money, but the player’s arrest.

“She looked at me and said: ‘Ester, I’m lucky enough to have good living conditions and I don’t want compensation, I want prison.’ I told her she was entitled despite not wanting to but she remained blunt. ‘If there’s severance money involved, I’m not going to hire you,’” she recounted.

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Ester also revealed that her client is undergoing psychiatric treatment and taking antivirals, since Daniel Alves, according to the lawyer, did not use a condom during the sexual act.

Now her intention is to ensure that her client is not contacted by the media until everything is resolved.

“We try to preserve it at all costs. She is receiving psychological support through a public entity, specialized in treating victims of violence. The Hospital Clínic prescribed a complete treatment aimed at avoiding any type of infectious disease, because no condom was used. She also has pharmacological treatment with anxiolytics to be able to sleep, but she told me that she has not been able to sleep since the testimony, ”she said.

“We’re trying to keep her as far away from the media as possible, not watching TV or listening to anything, so she doesn’t get upset, but it’s difficult. The case is all over TV for him being the character that he is. There are rapes every week, but it doesn’t have that repercussion. Her fear is being identified at some point. This she wants to avoid at all costs,” she added.

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Finally, Ester returned to explain that the woman who accuses Daniel Alves of rape just wants the player to be arrested.

“I’m tired of being told it’s a strategy [ela afirmar que não quer indenização], so that she has more credibility as a whistleblower. I was impacted, because I give free legal advice and right on the first visit I told her everything she was entitled to, the procedures, and compensation. I explained right away on the first day, a week before I blew it all up. I remember her look. She looked at me and said: ‘Ester, I don’t want compensation, I want prison’. She was very adamant about it, and that impacted me. I said ‘I know, but you are entitled to compensation, because there were physical injuries, and there will be consequences, moral damages’. And she insisted, from the first minute, she told me no. That nobody knows, ”she said.

It is worth remembering that Daniel Alves was a player for Pumas, in Mexico, even before his arrest, but as soon as the case came to light, he was dismissed for just cause.

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