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Pabllo Vittar recalls surprise at ‘Caldeirão’: ‘I hate these things’


Last Wednesday, February 15th, Pablo Vittar participated in the podcast “PocCast” and recalled a tribute he received on the program “Caldeirão do Huck”, in 2021.

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In this ocasion, Luciano Huck faithfully reproduced the house where the singer lived in her childhood. Honestly, Pabllo said that he liked the tribute, but that he doesn’t like surprises very much.

“I hate these things, you know? Do you remember Caldeirão? Folks, I loved it. Far be it from me, I loved the homage, but I wasn’t prepared. I went there to sing, they were releasing ‘Ama, Sofre Chora’, or ‘Batidão Tropical’ on the stalk, already warm and beautiful. And they told me ‘no, you need to go on stage disassembled’. And I ‘disassembled?’”, she recalled.

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Then the artist confessed that he does not like to cry in public. “I hate crying, I’m so ugly crying. Faggot, what for? Everyone will see me cry. I liked the homage, obviously, but seriously, my heart went wild, out of nowhere. There are people who think we know, okay? What will happen, ”she said she.


Pabllo Vittar gathered the press and fans for a show open to the public on Avenida Paulista. The action was to publicize her album, “Noitada”.

The singer performed for the audience and answered questions from journalists who accompanied her at the Center 3 shopping mall, on the corner of Avenida Paulista and Rua Augusta.

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