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Key Alves wants to face MC Guimê at Paredão

It’s war and period! Even before the elimination of gustavo indicated by MC guime…

Mar 5, 20234 min read

Gracyanne Barbosa impresses with cracked belly and bikini brand

On your social networks, Gracyanne Barbosa she always shares different moments of her routine…

Apr 1, 20233 min read

Tantra for casais: an experience of affection and respect

É comunmos buscarmos nas linhas de autoconecimento tools para ayudarnos no día a día,…

Feb 9, 20239 min read

BBB23: After Paredão, Bruna is all praise for Sarah Aline

Bruna Griphao It is Sarah Aline they were members of the so-called “After dos…

Mar 31, 20234 min read

4 ways to take advantage of the energetic properties of gross salt

All the spiritualists or mystics of the plantation have heard about the energetic properties…

Mar 28, 20235 min read

Spiritual retreat: what you need to know before entering the experience

Who has never wondered about the meaning of existence? From where we see and…

May 18, 20236 min read

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Sofwave: or boost collagen once

Ligia Novais – Photo: Disclosure As two years pass, the skin loses its main supporting protein,…

Jun 6, 20233 min read

How to adhere to maximalism not winter

EITHER winter It will not go unnoticed depending on the trends seen in the SPFW55, which…

Jun 6, 20234 min read

Bolo, biscoito and more: 8 dessert recipes with fruit peel

Ace desktop feitas with shell of fruit It is an excellent way to combat food waste,…

Jun 6, 20239 min read

Parental burnout: the emotional exhaustion that affects more and more countries

“I think of leaving everything whenever I end up in bed. I love my children, but…

Jun 6, 20234 min read

The movie “Barbie” caused a global shortage of fluorescent pink paint

According to the production designer of the upcoming “Barbie” movie, creating the film’s life-size “Barbie Land”…

Jun 6, 20231 min read

Woman, mother, entrepreneur and… good daughter

I recently had an interview Liz O’Donnellauthor of the book working daughter (“Filha Trabalhadora”, in Portuguese),…

Jun 6, 20235 min read

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