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Austin Butler has already chosen who will accompany him to the Oscar party

Apparently Kaia Gerber won’t be the boyfriend’s escort Austin Butler at the upcoming 2023…

Feb 16, 20236 min read

Lack of sleep in menopause: understand this relationship

menopause It is a natural stage of women’s lives and is linked to a…

Feb 25, 20235 min read

Nana Gouvea spices up the web with a provocative pose and red thong

There she is! Nana Gouvea decided to spice up the web this Tuesday, March…

Mar 14, 20232 min read

Summary of Vive Latino 2023: a return to nostalgia

We show you how the first day of the Vive Latino 2023 festival was…

Mar 20, 20231 min read

Rihanna and A$AP Rocky pose for the first time with their son and talk about their role as parents

Rihanna and her partner A$AP Rocky pose together for the first time for the…

Feb 17, 20231 min read

José Loreto gives controversial opinion on Cesar and Gustavo’s fight and reveals favorite

José Loreto participated in the ‘Encontro’, TV Globo, this Friday, February 10, and showed…

Feb 10, 20235 min read

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Lexa speaks for the first time about rumors of separation from MC Guimê

Recently, MC guime was eliminated from “Big Brother Brasil 23“, from Rede Globo, after being accused…

Apr 1, 20233 min read

The memories of a woman

Sometimes reading, as well as writing, is like killing headquarters. We want, no, we need to…

Apr 1, 20233 min read

Releases of films and series on streaming in April 2023

April is hectic streaming us! Not start of this month, or Disney+ provides an intense interview…

Apr 1, 20234 min read

With Tadeu dancing and DR, the game speeds up. See summary!

O BBB23 Top 10 is serving a lot of content! In the early hours of this…

Apr 1, 20238 min read

10 lies that romantic comedies will prove us

At the first lie that uma romantic comedy He told me that he needed to get…

Apr 1, 20235 min read

Find out who the famous April birthdays are!

April has arrived, and with it, several famous birthdays! From the 1st to the 30th, the…

Apr 1, 20236 min read

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