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Preta Gil complains of ‘post-chemo hangover’, but cheers up: ‘Full of faith’


This Wednesday (8), Preta Gil appeared on her Instagram to update fans about her health status during treatment against bowel cancer. The singer complained about the discomfort of chemotherapy.

“I’m here, my loves, I don’t want to worry anyone, but this post-chemo hangover is getting worse. So I didn’t record video or show up here. But I’m super well assisted by the doctors and full of faith!”, she said.

Preta Gil with a white look and another photo of Preta Gil wearing glasses
Preta Gil with a white look and another photo of Preta Gil wearing glasses – Reproduction/Instagram


Preta Gil is out of Carnival this year, 2023. The singer will be focusing on the treatment of cancer, an adenocarcinoma in the final part of the intestine. The statement was sent this Wednesday (1).

The 48-year-old singer went to the hospital in early January and the news of her cancer discovery came on the 10th. On the 16th, Preta Gil already started treatment.

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“LIGA Entretenimento, by means of a note, informs that the Carnival activities of the singer Preta Gil are cancelled. The artist will be fully dedicated to her recovery in the coming months, ”she said.

“Love, everyone who lives with me and knows me knows how important Carnival is to me and my fans, a magical moment in which we celebrate life and love. This year I will not be able to perform the blocks, I will follow my oncological treatment with a focus on healing, but I am sure that next year we will be together again!

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Last Sunday, January 29th, Black Gil updated fans about his state of health after discovering bowel cancer and said that the first effects of chemotherapy began to subside.

“Things got better. I felt better as the week went on and I regained my vital energy. The prostration, tiredness, nausea and dizziness were improving day after day. It’s a maxim, one day after another. A reality for us who are undergoing cancer treatment. It’s one day after another. I tried as much as I could to be close to my family, with people emanating good things for me. Keeping my faith, receiving expressions of love and affection,” she said in a video shared on Instagram.

The singer also revealed that she will begin a new treatment cycle. “Tomorrow begins another cycle of chemotherapy. I’m not creating many expectations, because I created the first one and ended up frustrating myself. I am prepared for whatever comes and comes, knowing that I have the support of doctors, medicine and science to help, that I have God, my saints orixás and love from you. Let’s go with everything, because I have no other option but to face and heal myself, ”she concluded.

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Preta Gil took everyone by surprise when she announced that she has bowel cancer. In an official note, she stated that she has an adenocarcinoma, but that she is confident in the treatment.

O The fuxico talked with Dr. Rafael Leite Nunes (CRM/SP: 164,978) explained that, in cases of adenocarcinoma, surgery and complementary treatments, such as radiotherapy and chemotherapy, are the most indicated.

In addition, he explained the best way to prevent the disease. “Prevention involves colonoscopy for people over 45 years old, who do not have risk factors or indication of the examination individually in cases where there are several risk factors, such as early cases in the family, family syndromes. In addition, people over 50 years of age who have a diet rich in red meat and saturated fat are more likely to develop the disease”.

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Rafael Leite Nunes also explained some of the main symptoms in this type of cancer. “It can be manifested by bleeding, anemia. In the segments closest to the rectum, which are the final part of the intestine, they are manifested by abdominal pain, change in bowel habits, which can sometimes be diarrhea interspersed with constipation and more acute events, intestinal obstruction”, he concluded.

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