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Royalty | The member of the British royal family who stayed in the care of Elizabeth II’s corgis | United Kingdom | PEOPLE


after the queen’s death Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom, their corgis, Muick and Sandy, stayed in Windsor. The two dogs were left in the care of Prince Andrew of York and his ex-wife Sarah Ferguson, who continues to reside at the Royal Lodge in Windsor with her ex-partner.

They were Prince Andrew himself and his daughters, Eugenia and Beatriz de York, who gave them these two corgis to the monarch a few years ago, with the promise that, in case something happened to her, they would take care of them. And so it has been: they were entrusted to these members of the royal family.

The corgis that assisted the monarch until her last breath, according to and they looked gloomy and bewildered In those images of Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral that went around the world, they are already enjoying the company of a new home in the United Kingdom.

Sarah Ferguson and Elizabeth II’s corgis

Last October, Sarah Ferguson revealed that Elizabeth II’s beloved corgis they are well and happy in her new stage by posting a photo on her social networks in which she appears lying next to them with the greenery of Windsor as a backdrop.

Ferguson has recently been interviewed by the magazine on the occasion of the launch of his new novel A Most Intriguing Lady (โ€œA most intriguing ladyโ€), although in it she has spoken both of the late monarch and of the puppies she bequeathed to her.

“She would be happy to know (Elizabeth II) that (the corgis) continue to walk where they used to with her”said.

Ferguson also admits that caring for the queen’s dogs can sometimes be a source of stress: โ€œThey are two national icons, so every time they run off to chase a squirrel I panic.”. But he assures that the two corgis are โ€œa total cutieโ€. I also reveal a somewhat spiritual theory: “When they bark at nothing, it means that she is passing by”.

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