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Sabrina Sato appears as a bride in a rehearsal at Sapucaí. Costume details!


After rocking her two looks at the Vogue Ball, on the night of Friday, February 11th, in Rio de Janeiro, Sabrina Sato appeared in the technical rehearsal at Vila Isabel, in Sapucaí, with a bridal look.

Bride Sabrina Sato at Sapucai
Sabrina Sato at Sapucaí – Photo (Roberto Filho/Brazil News)

The stunning handmade costume is made entirely of pearls and topped off with a veil, styled by Pedro Sales and made up by Krisna Carvalho. On social media, Sabrina showed the backstage of her arrival at Sapucaí, under heavy rain. Even so, the queen of drums from Vila Isabel crossed the avenue beautifully.

Sabrina Sato as a bride at Sapucaí
Sabrina Sato samba dancing at Sapucaí – Photo (Roberto Filho/Brazil News)

Sabrina showed the samba on her feet and that she is very ready for Carnival.

Sabrina Sato at Sapucai
Sabrina Sato samba dancing at Sapucaí – Photo (Roberto Filho/Brazil News)


With the theme “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”, the Vogue Ball brought together several celebrities at the Copacabana Palace, in the south zone of Rio de Janeiro, on the night of this Friday, February 11th. Of course, there was no lack of unusual looks on the event’s blue carpet. There were names like Giovanna Ewbank, Camila Pitanga, Valesca, Ana Paula Padrãoamong many others.

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the clothes of Sabrina Sato, however, attracted all eyes as soon as the presenter appeared at the event. With a flowery jumpsuit and a wreath of flowers, her party theme was “Playful Garden”.

“I’m so skin deep. Any soap opera kiss makes me cry”, joked the Queen of Drums from Gaviões da Fiel, quoting the song by Zeca Baleiro.

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Sabrina’s makeup was produced by Eudora, while the dress was signed by Victoria Ruiz. The artist talks about the construction of the piece and the idea that led to the final design. In addition, she thanks the collaboration of the people who worked alongside her in the production:

“All the flowers were chosen individually and each one has a meaning and function. The concept behind the piece is to show how flowers symbolize life and the human being. When they open and flourish, they tell this narrative, sometimes questioning reality. There is always an element of the unusual when I create my pieces, as I see meanings from other perspectives. It was an honor to produce a piece that connects with someone as happy and full of life as Sabrina. I had the pleasure of working closely with Pedro Sales, together with my team based in Rio: Fatima Leo, Helena Cebrian, Maria Fernanda Sossa, who always support me in everything”, declares the stylist”


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