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Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2022) review

Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2022)

Texas Chainsaw Massacre is a Horror and Thriller Movie, which lengths about 1 hour and 21 minutes. Its means you will not feel bor during watching this film. Some people want to create a new life in a town, Texas Ghost Town. Leatherface is a very good killer who wants and loves killing people. He wears a mask of Human Skin. In this film, all characters know that they can die in any situation and at any spot. This makes this film very thrilling and horror.

This film is not for kids and low-hearted people. You can’t watch this film completely. Even I was so scared while watching this film. I watched a part of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre on one day and another on the second day. Because I was not able to complete Texas Chainsaw Massacre in just one breathe. Texas Chainsaw Massacre is available on Netflix. Let’s discuss all factors and drawbacks of the film Texas Chainsaw Massacre without any spoilers.



Director:- David Blue Garcia

Productions Companies:- Legendary Entertainment, Good Universe, Exurbia Films & Bad Hombre

Cinematography:- Ricardo Diaz

Writers:-.Chris Thomas Devlin(screenplay by), Fede Alvarez(story by) & Rodo Sayagues(story by)


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IMDb:- 4.9/10

Rotten Tomatoes:- 32%

Metacritic:- 35%

Google users:- 50% liked the movie

The ratings of this film are not good. But this film deserves a better rating than this. Mainly people can’t see any mass entry and action so they didn’t like the movie. If you also like only action or drama-type films, then this is not for you. You will see thrill and killing scenes but in very horror way. That has an impact on your mind, and heart.


Good works in the film

  • The story is good for any horror film.
  • This film is best for those who love to see horror or Thriller movie.
  • Acting is good in the film, but the work done by Mark Burnham as Leatherface is terrifying.
  • The role of Olwen Fouéré as Sally Hardesty brings the old memory back. But you can enjoy this film, even if you haven’t watched the old one.

Overall, it will be fun on watching the movie Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

Drawabacks of the film

  • This film can run with little more aspects.
  • All characters are killed instantly, so you will lack the factor of Character Development.
  • There are some scenes that do not make any logical sense. A person who has a gun, but has to fight in close range, which does not make any sense.
  • Many people don’t like this film Texas Chainsaw Massacre because of having a lot of goofy entries.

Overall, there is a need for more work and improvements, some changes in the scenes, and making an emotional bond to all characters. So that, we will feel some emotional impact on the death of these characters. If these works were done, then definitely this film will be a masterpiece movie. As Texas Chainsaw Massacre has the potential to do it, but not fully utilized.

Shold you watch Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2022)?

It depends that which type of film is like to watch. If you love to watch Horror and Thrill film, then I will personally recommend you to watch Texas Chainsaw Massacre on Netflix. But if you do not like such films, then avoid this film. This film is not for the people who like only action, drama, or comedy-based movies. Remember that This film is not made for kids and low-hearted people due to having horror and bloody scenes that have a hard impact on the mind.


Overall, it’s a good film to enjoy for the people who love to watch Horror or Thrill in the movies. There was a need for some improvements to make this film better like there is a need for character development which is missing in the film Texas Chainsaw Massacre due to having killing of all characters in a very short period of time. That one is a major drawback of the film. Otherwise, it’s a good and one-time watchable film.

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