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The reason behind the death of Iron Man in every universe and in the endgame.


Was the death of Iron Man really important at the multiverse level? People think that Iron Man a.k.a Tony Stark died due to the snap of the endgame and the master plan of doctor Steven Strange. Yah! This is a reason which can we see in the movies. But why did Tony Strack Die? Was his death necessary? Were there any possibilities to save our Iron Man? If yes, then why did Marvel kill him? Does his existence affect the story and the success of Marvel? What if Tony is alive?

Credit: Dailymotion, Proof That Tony Stark Has A Heart- - Avengers- Endgame (2019)

So, there are a lot means a lot of reasons from which we can say why did Iron Man had to die at the multiversal level or in every universe. Most of you know about the reasons for the death of Iron Man in the endgame. But very few of you or no one knows that the death of Iron Man is necessary for the perfect future movies. Firstly, we discuss that what is the reason behind the death of Iron Man? So that, it becomes a perfect article.


What is the reason behind the death of Iron Man in Avengers: endgame?

Credit: Marvel, An image from the set of Avengers: Endgame reveals an alternate look at Tony Stark/Iron Man's (Robert Downey Jr.) funeral at the end of the movie.

There are many reasons for the death of Iron Man a.k.a Tony Stark. One which can we see in the movies is the snap of the Iron Man. This is all the master plan of Doctor Steven Strange. As we know Doctor Strange sees all possibilities which can be happened while fighting against Thanos in the Avengers: Infinity War. Where he found that there is only one possibility to defeat Thanos, which he followed step-by-step. He knew who will die in the final fight in the endgame. It can be proven that in the Avengers: Endgame when all avengers were getting assembled then Doctor strange said to Wong, “Where are others?” And after some time, Captain Marvel came into the fight and help the avengers. So, Doctor Strange knew who will come and what will be going to happen in the fight?

So, according to steven’s plan, Tony Starck has to die. But why Tony? Because Hulk was not to snap again. Thor is a very important asset and he was not mentally stable in the Endgame. Instead of that Thor was able to snap without any critical harm. But He was not near Thanos. The most important one is that all of them need the effort to remove the nano-gauntlet from Thanos’ hands, but Iron Man just takes all infinity stones to his suit. Instead of this, he can be saved, if marvel wants. Yes! If Marvel wants. I think it’s not clear to all. Let’s understand it properly.

Marvel killed Iron Man, not that Snap or Doctor Strange’s possibilities

Credit: BossLogic IronMan Death

There are a lot of reasons which result in the death of Tony Stark or Iron Man. One is that Marvel is rebooting all characters in Marvel by their younger forms. Because, if they continue with the same characters then think that will you be able to see Kate Bishop or so many like them. It’s impossible to run the world’s largest franchise without adding more characters. To increase the success and publicity of Marvel, a new and innovative step was too important. So to introduce more characters with these old stories result in complex stories, which marvel never wants.

For Example, Black Widow died and Hawkeye retired in the Endgame so we see Kate Bishop as a new character in Marvel. We enjoyed a new series of Hawkeye. We see the anger of Natasha’s sister on Clint. Due to the retirement of Clint and the death of Natasha, a lot of characters are introduced like, Kate Bishop, Echo, Yelena, -etc. Marvel created a dedicated series on Kate Bishop as Hawkeye. A whole series will also come on Echo in the future and maybe for Yelena. We are now aware of so many possibilities in Marvel. If Marvel introduced Kate Bishop instead of the existence of Hawkeye, then what is the need for Hawkeye. So, it is important to remove Hawkeye. Give this character a good end, enjoying with his family.


It was important for Marvel

Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark, as depicted in the film Iron Man 3.

If Marvel did not do this then we can’t see many characters like Shang-Chi, Kate Bishop, Captain Sam Wilson, Monknight, Echo, -etc. because there is no need for them. Marvel is creating a new universe, a multi-universe. They replaced Iron Man with someone, which is not clear, They replaced Hulk as She-Hulk. They replaced Steve Smith as Sam Wilson. And, so other.

So it was important for future movies the Marvel. So that when the next movie comes when all new avengers assemble, then we see the better film and a better experience than the endgame.

Now, I will say to you a more fact that, if they did not introduce new characters and a new phase in marvel, instead of this Marvel will kill Tony for a better movie.

What if Tony has not died in the endgame? Why Howard Stark is greater than Tony Stark?

If Marvel will continue with Tony then there will become two possibilities;

1. Iron Man will be able to destroy a whole universe

Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark, as depicted in the film Endgame

If we calculate Tony’s mind, then we got that this man is developing his suits at very high speed and accuracy. In Iron Man 1, he made a powerful suite with only a less amount of utils. He phased a problem that his suit become cold when he fly higher in the sky, then he made a new suit. Whatever problems come, he instantly competes for all problems and by this all problems, he was making better suits. And in the endgame, he crossed all limits of the intelligence level of any human being. He created an armor that can use even infinity stones. And there is a possibility that if Tony’s armor was not so damaged then, he did not die instead of snaping. Not only this, he replicate PIM particles in just hours, but also he created a Time Machine.

If Marvel had not killed him then he will create an armor that has no problem. In the endgame, whichever problems are faced by Tony, He will solve all those problems and he can create a suit that can even kill gods. The most important fact is that if tony by mistaken research on Vibranium and Uru, then literally, powers of infinity stones can’t beat him. The person who can replicate PIM particles in hours can easily find out the magics inside the  Vibranium and, Urucan uses these magics as advanced science.

Why Howard Stark is greater than Tony Stark?

If Iron Man will be alive, then definitely there will be a need for more powerful supervillains like a group of celestials for Tony. And, other superheroes just see the Iron Man. This will be made the story complex and if Marvel also increases all superheroes’ powers at the multiversal level then there will be only instructions and fights, not a perfect story, not super soldiers like Captain America and Sam Wilson, -etc. Due to these many reasons, this is not a good choice for a franchise like Marvel.

Instead of having so much research Tony’s father Howard Stark will always be greater than Tony. Because he has the biggest invention in the world, which is Tony Stark.

2. Underutilization of Tony Stark

As of now, it is clear that Tony can’t be shown in his full potential in a perfect movie, so Marvel has underutilized Tony Stark. It means we will not see more new suits like Tony always made. In movies, we saw him in different suits in a single movie. But if Tony lives and you don’t want overpowered character then arvel had to decrease the capacity of Tony. This will also result in a poor story and disappointing fans. So, This is the best place where Tony/Iron man died saving the universe.


In the movie, he died while snapping the infinity stones to save the whole universe. It is concluded that Death of Iron Man is necessary for a better marvel future and stable movies. So, Marvel needs to give a respectful ending to Tony Stark. Overall, Howard Stark has the best invention; Tony Stark.

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