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Veruska Donato sues TV Globo for aesthetic pressure and moral harassment


A great and well-known TV Globo reporter, Veruska Donato worked at the station for 21 years, and is suing the channel through a lawsuit in the Labor Court, accusing of having suffered moral harassment to reach the beauty standard imposed by the company. The information is from the website TV news.

Due to this aesthetic pressure to have a “little belly”, the journalist claimed to have developed a burnout syndrome, an emotional disorder known for symptoms of extreme exhaustion, stress and physical exhaustion resulting from stressful work situations. If convicted, Globo will be forced to pay BRL 13 million in compensation to the reporter.

Still, in the process, Veruska asks for recognition of an employment relationship, as she worked as a PJ (Legal Entity) for 17 years at Globo, between 2002 and 2019, having her portfolio signed only in the last two years, with Donato demanding labor rights for the period in which was not registered.

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The site even had exclusive access to the process, which was filed on January 31 at the 37th Labor Court of São Paulo, and according to the paperwork, the reporter would not have resigned from the broadcaster in 2021 as previously reported, but would have been fired five days after returning from a leave caused by burnout syndrome.

Worn out by the coverage of the pandemic and aesthetic pressure at work, Veruska underwent an examination at the INSS (National Social Security Institute) and had to be removed for 77 days because it was proven “incapacity for work”. The removal lasted until October 28, 2021, and five days later, on November 3, Donato was disconnected without justification by the broadcaster.


Also according to Notícias da TV, in the process, the journalist’s lawyers claim that the dismissal of Veruska Donato happened through an illegal practice due to the fact that the dismissal took place after she returned from leave, as the labor law provides for stability of one year in case of leave due to occupational illness.

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“On 11/03/2021, the defendant [Globo] dismissed the claimant [Veruska Donato] without just cause by ignoring the 12-month employment guarantee period that the claimant was in due to the acquired occupational disease”, said the reporter’s defense in court.

Wanted by the report Folha de S. Paulo, Globo’s advisory replied: “Globo does not comment on ongoing lawsuits. What I can assure you is that there is no guidance in this regard for our professionals”.

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