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If you want to watch Supernatural fiction with intense drama watch Warrior Nun


On this weekend, I went down in search of a nice tv show. I was searching through my Netflix account when I came across many options. After about 5 minutes, I decided that I should just watch something  I had already seen. I was going to watch an episode of Shadow and Bone when the Warrior Nun appeared. I played the first episode in about 5 to 8 minutes and was addicted. I continued on for about 6 to 7 hours viewing the whole first and second seasons of Warrior Nun and would I recommend it to someone?

Then my answer is yes. If you want to see a Supernatural fiction with an outstanding story and drama, I would highly suggest Warrior Nun.

If you want to watch Supernatural fiction with intense drama watch Warrior Nun

After finishing the entire series, I went online to look for the third season. I discovered that warrior nun’s season 3 has not yet been confirmed, but its creator has stated in one of the interviews that this series would have 5 or 6 seasons in total. so I definitely believe there will be a 3rd season and the reviews on IMDB(7/10) and Rotten Tomatoes(92%) are also great.

Not only that but the lead actress (Alba Baptista) of Warrior Nun was recently seen in the park with Chris Evans (2022 Sexiest Man Alive).

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What to watch if you love ‘warrior nun’?

Well, there are many amazing TV Shows to watch if you love Warrior Nun. some examples are mentioned below


Shadow and Bone (2021-present)

An amazing Fantasy television series filled with Mystery and full of Drama and the story goes like “Dark powers fight against a young soldier when she displays a magical gift that has the potential to unify her planet.” its an amazing representation of the Fight Between Light and Shadow ( I mean like literally that is what happens the entire series).


The Umbrella Academy (2019 – Present)

The Umbrella Academy is one of my most favourite Tv series of all time I have watched the entire 3 seasons like 5 to 9 times. it is Action fiction filled with comedy and tons of drama and adventure. if you like Warrior Nun then you should watch the Umbrella Academy for sure

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina ( 2018-2020)

If you enjoy a little bit of magic, witches, and adventure, this television series is for you. Chilling Adventures of Sabrine is based on the novel “Sabrina the Teenage Witch,” and it has four seasons in all. and its a story about a teenager witch growing through in life

Locke & Key (2020 -2022)

This is also a good series filled with Horror fiction and Drama(BTW there isn’t much Horror) But is a series worth watching

Is Season 2 of Warrior Nun out?

Yes, Season 2 of Warrior Nun is Out. It was released on November 10, 2022. the reason for this late realise was the Covid 19 Pandemic

How many episodes does warrior nun season 2 have?

Season 2 has 8 episodes in total

Will there be a third season of warrior nun?

Yet as of 15th November it has not been confirmed but I personally think there will be a season 3 of warrior nun

Are Chris Evans and Alba Baptista dating?

There is no official information about Chris Evans and Alba Baptista’s relationship but they were seen together in a park recently

Is Warrior Nun complete?

The answer is no, Simon Barry, the program’s creator, recently told Inverse that he aims to expand the show beyond three seasons, which sounds good. “With Warrior Nun, I’d give it a window because we’re still so early in the development process,” he stated. “Anything from five to seven seasons would be ideal.” so there might be 5 to 6 seasons of warrior nun in the future

How old is Eva in Warrior Nun?

Ava is 19 Years old

Who is the main villain in Warrior Nun?

Adriel is the villain ironically he is also an angle